Maplewood Police Depart


Crime Tips


Residential Burglaries and Thefts from unlocked autos continue to affect township residents. Residents are also discouraged from "warm up" or "cooling off" their vehicles unattended. There have been several vehicles taken in the morning hours that were left running with the keys in them.  Residents are urged to practice good crime prevention strategies to protect their homes and autos. These strategies include:


1)     Locking cars and homes -both day and night

2)     Remove valuables , key, key fobs from autos

3)     Use motion sensor lights for driveways and home exterior lighting

4)     Use timers to activate radios or other devices to make homes appear occupied

5)     Having mail, newspapers and packages removed from sight promptly

6)     Report all suspicious activity in your neighborhood immediately to the Maplewood Police via 911”