Maplewood Neighborhood Video Alliance

The Maplewood Police Department is committed to a productive partnership with the community. In an effort to expand that partnership and provide more comprehensive services to the community, The Maplewood Police Department is initiating the Maplewood Neighborhood Video Alliance.  

This program encourages residents and businesses to register their privately owned home/business video surveillance in efforts to increase safety and reduce crime. The department recognizes that crimes can be committed at any place or time and that home/business video surveillance may have captured vital footage that could help solve crimes in our community. Knowledge regarding the location of a time-sensitive surveillance system in the area of a crime could be instrumental in a successful resolution.

There are several benefits to registering with the Maplewood Police Department, Maplewood Neighborhood Video Alliance. It expedites the retrieval of footage from surveillance systems close to the crime scene in an effort to uncover criminal activity. Additionally to allows residents to be contacted and share information in a more discreet manner. 

*Please note that this program does not give police the ability to tap into any home or business surveillance feeds.

Your participation in the Maplewood Neighborhood Video Alliance always remains 100% voluntary and your personal information will be kept confidential and not for public dissemination. Only law enforcement personnel can view the surveillance footage. If video gathered from your security system is used in the apprehension and prosecution of suspect in a criminal case your name will not be public record and you will not be subpoenaed to testify in court.